The Dangers of Pesticides

As you may already know, bed bugs have come back on the scene due to the banning of DDT, which caused many harmful side effects to animals and humans.

Pesticides have been linked to Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer, ADHD, and various neurological disorders in children.


The Environmental Protection Agency states:

 "The most effective way to reduce risks posed by pesticides is to use non-chemical control methods to reduce or eliminate pest problems."

The EPA provides a checklist on handling pesticides here.


Pesticides Often Endanger Entire Eco-Systems


Where does a pesticide end up after it's used?

where do pesticides end up after their use?

Through the conscious use of natural, non-chemical pesticides and insecticides we can still effectively protect our communities from pests while improving the environment for future generations who will deal with the successes and failures that we create today.


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