Did You Get Bit by Bed Bugs Last Night?

picture of bed bug

A fully developed, adult bed bug. They are often brown after they have eaten, while the youngest, known as "nymphs", are clear until they get a meal (pictured opposite).

bed bug crawling on skin

Bed Bugs are small, brownish-red insects that can hide anywhere and feed on human blood. They are nocturnal, usually only come out at night and can live for up to a year without food.

young clear white bed bug nymph

Not a lot of people realize that bed bugs are everywhere. In fact, while relatively absent up until the turn of the century, bed bugs have built a tolerance and resistance to nearly all pesticides, reproducing and spreading at an alarming rate, infesting apartments, houses, and even mansions. 

If you see a bed bug, then chances are good that there are more creeping and crawling nearby. Governments are starting to recognize the scope of the problem as well, but as usual, they are not doing enough to help people deal with the problem.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bug bites are usually small, red and appear in clusters or groups. The red rash is the allergic reaction that your skin has to the chemicals in the bed bug's bite. 

If possible, you should never scratch the bumps, as this could leave scarring.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs aren't picky, they'll hide anywhere they can get away with it. 

However, most of the time (70+%) they hide in the mattress, bed frame and box spring of your bed. After that, they will often hide in nearby furniture, in the carpet, in cracks between the floor and the wall, electric outlet, window frame, or any other place that affords them a crack or crevice where they can go undetected.

bed bugs crawling on bed mattress seams
bed bugs hide in electrical wall socket
bed bugs live in window sill

Bed bugs' hiding places are often detectable by large black, brown splotchy and stained areas which is actually their feces. They use their own bed bug droppings to be able to find their way back home through their sense of smell.

Why Are Bed Bugs So Hard to Kill?

Aside from being small, hiding away out of sight and usually only coming out at night, and even being clear and practically invisible until their first meal, bed bugs also lay bed bug eggs, often thousands of them!

These eggs are nearly microscopic in size, sticky, clear or white, and attach themselves to almost anywhere and everywhere in the vicinity of an infestation.

And this is exactly why bed bug sprays don't work!

Bed bug sprays tend to only kill bed bugs on contact, and have little to no residual benefits as a deterrent or prevention.

They might seem cool or be marketed well, but at the end of the day you'll just be wasting money on a squirt gun, basically.

Additionally, bed bug bombs and foggers don't seem to work either.

why bed bug sprays do not work to kill eggs

Can I Do Anything to Kill Bed Bugs?

is there anything i can do to kill bed bugs

While the situation may seem bleak or confusing, it's good to know that there is something you can do to eliminate and prevent bed bugs, right now.

One of the biggest reasons bed bugs are not going away is because the price of creating a new pesticide and registering it with the EPA costs over one million dollars.

Imagine having a great idea or an all-natural, safe and effective solution that you couldn't sell to the general public simply because you didn't have $1,000,000+ to spend, just to get a piece of paper that says "Ok, go ahead and sell your bed bug killer."

Imagine an organic compound so widely available and abundant in nature that it is literally dirt cheap and kills most insect pests on contact, and long-term as well as their eggs. Now imagine it's so safe that you could actually eat it.

That's exactly where the Defensive End! Solution comes in.

We're Going to Help You Get Rid of Your Bedbug Problem, Today


We can't sell you our prototype- because that would technically be illegal without a license, and additionally, even if it ever became legal and licensed, the EPA would actually take our natural solution and then modify it to water it down, basically, in order to make it "safer", according to their standards and logic. 

The basic idea here is that they want to reduce the particle size of the active ingredient to prevent it from becoming airborne, which sounds good, but in our opinion is kind of like making the entire world shut down and wear masks that don't prevent you from contracting a virus, for a virus that may not even be real but definitely doesn't kill that many people. 

We have been around this stuff for years and years. We've eaten it several times, breathed it in for days and weeks, and practically bathed in it- and we're still here, safe, sound and healthy.

That's right, we're arguing that government is basically incapable of protecting you anyway, and 2020 proves it, but so does the incredible worldwide spread of bed bugs

superior bed bug prevention idea

What we can do, however, is give you all the knowledge you need to make your own or buy an already existing product which can effectively do the job for you.

The thing is, even the existing EPA-approved products don't work as well as the one that we would use if we were in your shoes today!

That's why we can't sell it, but we can legally tell you what we would do, and how to make it, or what we would buy!!!

If it sounds a little confusing, trust us, it is, and that's why the attorney fees for pesticide licensing and registration alone are 6 figures just to bring a new product to market, not counting the EPA itself.

best way to eliminate bed bugs

All you need to know is that we can help you, and if you will let us, that's just what we will give you- The End to ALL Bed Bugs!

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