Basic Things Everyone Can Do to Prevent Bed Bugs Beyond Summer of 2021

Summer is soon approaching which usually means more bed bugs. Bed bugs tend to decrease in severity during the colder months and become more active in the hotter months, at least that's what we've noticed here at Defensive End! for the last 7 or so years.


Since you can practically bank on the fact bed bugs are not going away, let's discuss some basic things today that everyone can learn to do quick spot-inspections for bed bugs in their home furniture, beds and couches.


Quick Bed Bug Inspection




What our customers have discovered to be especially true is how the effectiveness of your bed bug prevention directly correlates with your own attention to detail and the willingness to clean and organize your space, which of course starts with regular inspection.


A quick overturn and flip of each corner of the mattress between the bed frame and box spring (if any) are most likely to immediately warn you of a bed bug infestation.


Along the seams and edges, cracks and embossment of the mattress fabric around its frame will be covered with black flecks and reddish brown stains, the molted shells of bed bugs outgrowing their current size, and if you looked close enough, you might be able to see the eggs.


Never Pass Up a Chance to Clean the Bed Bugs Away


If you discover any traces of bed bugs at all, a thorough and swift anti-bacterial styled cleaning will ensure that you get rid of any potential bed bug nymphs soon to hatch and grow up in your mattress.


Use a mild detergent and some type of scrub brush, sponge or protective multifunctional cleaning gloves.


super scrub food grade silicone cleaning gloves and kitchen mitt


They say that even 5-star hotel rooms get bed bugs. That's probably true since there's lots of easy meals to be had by bed bugs, but don't for one second think that being disorganized and untidy at home is going to win you points in the war against bed bugs.


Clean is always best and it forces you to keep an eye on things, remove old junk that you don't really need, and just be more aware of your environment.


Remember, while bed bugs may live up to 20 feet away from where they feed, almost 70% of all bed bugs are still found in the bed itself somewhere.


Make Furniture-Keeping Decisions Wisely


While it's not recommended for people to pick up 2nd hand items like beds, mattresses or other bedding furniture at thrift stores, we also don't think you have to throw your current mattress away if you discover a bedbug crawling around.


After all, you're going to be both cleaning and disinfecting your current mattress most likely while applying some type of bed bug killer, like the one we recommend here.

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