About Us

Our Mission

We started out in 2014 with a website and a dream- to help people with bed bug problems break away from the current broken system and bypass the trap of modern day pesticide market manipulation and over-regulation that keeps people helpless, broke, itchy and miserable.

We Had a Few Goals:

1. Create an effective, safe, natural and affordable solution for bed bugs that makes people self-reliant and not dependent on an irresponsible landlord or exterminator

2. Save customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from scams with recurring credit card billing or pest control companies with potentially dangerous chemical treatments


3. Give customers a safe bed bug killer that would also work against many other crawling insect pests including ants, fleas, ticks, roaches- and even scorpions! This gives people a solution to ALL other common bug infestations for the rest of their lives


4. Generate more value than the amount of money it costs the customer or the amount of money we make, resulting in an overall net gain for everyone, rather than a deficit or a predatory commercial transaction with only 1 clear winner and 1 loser


Get Defensive End!

What We Do

Educate the People

Our primary purpose is to educate the community on bed bugs and to let them know: you are not alone! There is a solution, and it's been hidden from you for years due to greed and government bureaucracy.

Provide a Superior Product

We have the answer to most people's bed bug problems. People who use our product receive an outstanding value with the highest probability of success available today.

Protect Your Home

Our system protects the consumer's home moving forward against bed bugs into the future! That's right. As long as you follow our instructions and keep the product dry, it will last forever!