Defensive End! the End to All Bed Bugs

All Bed Bugs. Gone. Just $20

You read that right. 


We've helped thousands of people just like you since 2014 to get rid of bed bugs for only 20 bucks, regardless of whether you live in a 1-bedroom apartment or a 2-story home! 


It's a big promise, but we guarantee a success rate of at least 80 - 90% in most common household bed bug infestations, and now we're sharing this info with the world!


(If we could get odds like that in Vegas, we'd move there and never leave the Roulette table.)

You Really Don't 

Need An Exterminator

The most common response to a bedbug problem is to immediately pick up the phone and call a pest control company.


However, this usually results in over-spending by the 100s and even 1,000s of dollars on a problem that you can solve yourself, with just a few basic materials (we'll show you exactly what you need and where to get them) and a little know-how.



In 2019, the average cost of bed bug removal was $800 - $1300 per home.


Most people really do not have several hundred dollars lying around that they can afford to spend on eliminating bed bugs, especially these days, and that's where we come in!

About Us

We started out in 2014 with a website and a dream- to help people with bed bug problems break away from the current broken system and bypass the trap of modern day pesticide market manipulation and over-regulation that keeps people helpless, broke, itchy and miserable.

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Defensive End IS the Ultimate Win - Win Solution!


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Dollars Saved!

Take Your Bedroom Back

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Our Services

 We offer 1 simple solution to make the process of getting rid of bed bugs easier than ever.

The $20 Option

1 simple, incredibly easy-to-follow video and a short e-guide that tells and shows you exactly what you need to get and what to do. Return to sleeping comfortably again in less than a week. It's so easy and cheap, you'll wonder why more people don't know about it already.

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get rid of bed bugs cheap for only $20


Just wanted to thank you for your help! Those nasty bugs are gone! I can finally sleep. Thank you again!
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Karina B. happy mom
I have to say I am very impressed by the speedy response. You definitely don't rest on your laurels. Thank you for resolving it so quickly.
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Madelina R. family is love
I bought your product today. Thank you so very much that we finally have more options that's not making us in debt! Again. Thank you!
Ann G.

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